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Foggy Motorcycle Ride
by: Maricon Williams
Beach, chilly fruit shakes, summer babes in hot bikinis and summer escapades Ė pretty sure you are missing them all. Summer loviní is left behind letís give winter its chance to freeze us.

Chilliní. Freeziní. Glaziní. Winter time is fast approaching. Skiing will just be as fun as decorating the streets and homes with glitzy lanterns and greetings for the Christmas season. The frostiness of the fog seems to overwhelm children. We can see them playing around nosily and merrily. Even lovers are enjoying the warmth of every cuddle. Some even manage to go on skiing - they seem to melt every hail. The town may seem vivacious and feisty. Nevertheless, will this be a good season for motorcycle riders?

Foggy motorcycle ride may equate to danger lest, it is pretty scary. In fact, a lot of riders prefer to winterize their bikes. Nonetheless, there is a small fraction who still wants to ride hard on a snow time.

If you happen to have a long ride on a winter, for instance, from San Francisco to LA, you will probably get to discover fog banks. How scary can it get? Well, itís as scary as plunging your motorcycle into it. It can mean death. How? When you have low visibility chances are you will not be able to see the horizon, the path as well as possible danger. This is especially true when making a turn in a curve, when making a quick stop. By the time you have stopped, you have no idea whether it is reliably vertical or at the right angle. Sometimes, it is too late to check it. You may have found your bike falling to the banks.

There has been a recent findings solicited from various studies. Findings showed that people tend to gradually increase speed while driving in the fog.

Fog covers the cues and makes them unreliable. This circumstance can lead you to an awful accident.

Imagine the crash then the splash. Whew! Terrible!

Every time you ride, take into consideration the danger which you are susceptible of and be prepared for it. With the right motorcycle accessories and apparel you can combat the freezing coldness of winter and reduce the risk of injuries.

Prevention can save you from getting the most that you can get out of the situation and in this case, the most means your very end.

Keep safe while enjoying your ride!

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